Otto: An Instagram Camera?

Otto: An Instagram Camera?

We all know how popular social media is today. Many people are into sharing photos and their most loved moments online. Thus many devices such as smartphones have been integrating various apps and functionalities onto their system so they can make boost in sales. But these devices were actually made after the advent of social media such as Instagram. But what if you can make a device around the…

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Best Nikon and Canon DSLR Cameras

Best Nikon and Canon DSLR Cameras

Nikon and Canon are perhaps 2 of the most popular camera makers in the world. The product quality of these two brands is so high that it becomes increasingly difficult for a buyer to decided the superiority of one product over the other. As a result of their in-exhaustible range of cameras, the choice for a new buyer can be mind boggling.

If you are in the market for a DSLR then its safe to…

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Is it time for 360 degrees camera?

Is it time for 360 degrees camera?

There was time in the past where people wanted to capture the “whole picture” but simply cannot do. Of course, technology has found a way through this hurdle. Formerly they have to take multiple shots and stitch together the angles to achieve beautiful panoramas. Fast forward, technology grew even further through better lenses, sensors and of course, software. This time around, taking gorgeous…

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The Snappening: Over 200,000 Photos Accessed by Hackers! 

The Snappening: Over 200,000 Photos Accessed by Hackers! 

After “The Fappening”, yet another hacking takes places and the victims this time are the users of the popular photo sharing app “Snapchat”. “The Snappening” which the term given by the netizens happened just weeks after the iCloud leak.

Last Thursday, some users of (where “the fappening” also started) claimed that they have accessed thousands of Snapchat photos (including photos of…

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RE Camera: HTC’s Adventure Camera

RE Camera: HTC’s Adventure Camera

Many people these days find it amusing to take photos and videos on the go. This is one reason smartphone manufacturers made sure they have installed competitive lenses for their phones. But the need for a better yet efficient device is always better. We all know that phone cameras can drain batteries in no time. Even how efficient your device may be, it would still suffer the same battery drain…

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Best iOS 8 Camera Apps

Best iOS 8 Camera Apps

The ability to manually control camera setting such as light sensitivity (ISO), focus and shutter speed is one of the new key features of iOS 8. Not only it is applies to the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but it is also available to other iPhones that had been upgraded to iOS 8.

However, you can take full advantage of these features if you have an app that utilizes them. Manual controls are…

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Best Superzoom Camera

5 Best Superzoom Camera

There are things in life you wish could have been made better. Take for instance if you have a nice of point-and-shoot camera.  If you’ve had years of experience with it, you will ultimately feel the need to upgrade a bit higher. This often felt when you need to zoom in some distant subjects. That’s where a super zoom camera will be of good use.

What makes superzoom…

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Best Macro Lens for Canon

Best Macro Lens for Canon

5 Best Macro Lens for Canon

There are things that get pretty interesting when viewed closer. In photography, this is termed as macro. Macro images are those that are captured closer to achieve an image bigger than the real thing. This way, photos reveals better details and is more dramatic at rimes. But how can this be possible? One thing, macro lenses. And if you are interested to know more…

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