5 Best DSLR Camera for Beginners

5 Best DSLR Camera for Beginners

Best DSLR Camera for Beginners: Choosing the Right One

Everything starts small, just like with hobbies. One of the most rewarding hobbies is photography. Although it could be a simple point and shoot sequence for common folks, hobbyists do find smaller details quite fascinating. And if you are an avid fan of great photos, there’s a huge chance you’ll be getting yourself a starter kit for it. To…

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2014’s Best Point and Shoot camera

2014′s Best Point and Shoot camera

6 Best Point and Shoot Camera

Having the perfect photos is often associated with DLSR. But the thing is, these sorts of cameras are quite heavy and it comes with a more complex settings. Thus for the casual shooting experience, point and shoot cameras will be way better. For that, here are some of the best in this category. Below are 5 of the best point and shoot cameraavailable in the market…

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2014’s Best DSLR Camera

2014′s Best DSLR Camera

4 Best DSLR Camera 2014

Photography is more than just a hobby or a profession. For some, it is their life. For that reason that many people are looking out for the best cameras available. The highest pixels may not be all that matters. The verdict is always presented with consideration of things like size, weight, built and price. In the era where technology is at its prime, here are some of the…

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2014’s Best DSLR Under 1000

2014′s Best DSLR Under 1000

5 Best DLSR under 1000

In the realms of professional photography, DSLR has become a norm. In the recent trend, these cameras were packed with power to amaze not just beginners but the experienced as well. Formerly shelling out thousands is expected if you wanted to have the best in the market. Fortunately, there are dozens of choices for cameras these days that won’t put a whole in your pocket.…

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2014’s Best Mirrorless Camera

2014′s Best Mirrorless Camera

5 Best Mirrorless Camera

Technology is constantly evolving and improving. And the best thing about it is that things are getting smaller and more compact making it easier it to carry around. In the camera category, innovations come in different sizes and capacities. If you want a balance between DLSR and the compact point and shoot, you may find interesting to know about the mirrorless camera.…

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Canon PowerShot SX500 IS Review

Canon PowerShot SX500 IS Review

Canon PowerShot SX500 IS – Small In Size, BIG In Features!

Back in August 2012, Canon announced the release of the Powershot SX500 IS. Claimed to be the world’s smallest 30x optical zoom camera, the SX500 is beefed up with a ton of features that make this camera seem really good.

canon powershot sx500 review 1

canon powershot sx500 check price

- Sports a wide angle lens and a range of 24 to 720mm
– Comes 16 Megapixel CCD sensor together with a Digic 4…

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canon powershot sx500

2014’s Best Waterproof Camera

2014′s Best Waterproof Camera

5 Best Waterproof Cameras

Water adventures are quite thrilling. That’s the reason many people like to take pictures just to make the thrills last longer. But before, you have to take the shots away from the water as it can damage your device. Fortunately today technology has evolved to give thrilling waters a glimpse without worrying about the splashes. And when you can’t get enough of water…

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Obtaining ideal results with Canon DSLR Lenses

Obtaining ideal results with Canon DSLR Lenses

Technology has really advanced greatly in recent years and Digital SLR (Digital Single-lens reflex) cameras are the newest fad of photography lovers. Among the best discovery creation must be canon dslr lenses. The largest benefit of utilizing this lens is the fact that you will get precisely seeing the same within the photo while seeing within the viewfinder. That makes it simple for…

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Best Nikon DSLR

5 Best Nikon DSLR

Nikon and Canon are perhaps 2 of the most popular camera makers in the world. The product quality of these two brands is so high that it becomes increasingly difficult for a buyer to decide the superiority of one product over the other. As a result of their in-exhaustible range of cameras, the choice for a new buyer can be mind boggling. (more…)

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